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#TheBachelor Week 3 Recap

**Spoiler Alert**

I broke this episode into five different parts.

It started off with the 1 on 1 date with Victoria P. They went shopping, line dancing, and dinner. During the dinner, Victoria P. talked about her past. Her dad passed away and her mom fell into addiction. She basically had to grow up and take care of her sister. It was a real connecting moment for Peter and her.

Now, we move on to a continuation of #ChampagneGate. Kelsey and Hannah Anne had a sit down and all the other girls, much like myself, are just kind of over it. Can we just let go of the champagne already? Please?

Anyways, the Group date drama. Next to have an issue with each other Alayah and Sydney, because I hope we don't talk about champagne anymore.

I’m seriously having an issue with Peter inviting people to plan his group dates for him. This one was planned by Demi. Yes, Demi! I like her, but the date was ridiculous. There is no self-respecting adult woman who wants to dress in lingerie and have a pillow fight on TV. This was just playing up the fantasy guys have and I was not having any of it and no Peter this is not a reminder of childhood.

Of course, Demi chooses the Alayah and Sydney to go head to head in the final round. Really? Who would have guessed that one? Anyways, Alayah won a crown to add to her collection. She is a pageant queen after all.

At the group date cocktail evening, Sydney told Peter she thinks that some people are playing up for the camera. She of course meant Alayah. But, Sydney isn’t the only one who thinks Alayah is totally FAKING it.

Which brings us to the Pool Party that took the place of the Cocktail Party before the Rose Ceremony. We spent the pool party watching Peter talk to the ladies about Alayah and how many of them think she’s pretty much putting a front on for the camera. Victoria P. tells Peter they’ve been around each other during pageant stuff and that Alayah didn’t want her to mention that they knew each other. Total cover up and very sketch.

So, Rose Ceremony. The plot twist, Peter walks out with two roses remaining to talk to Chris Harrison. He comes back in, followed by Chris, who removes one of the roses. In case you weren’t keeping track that means four girls go home, not three. And yes, surprisingly on of those girls was Alayah. Thank goodness. I was so sure they would have kept her on at least for a few more episodes.

Not really that much of a dynamic night. A lot less crying than last week, for sure. Yet, Peter is kissing a lot more. Just check out the scores below.

Pilot Reference - 3 = 30 crunches

"Can I steal you for a second?" - 1 = 10 push ups

Hannah Brown shows up or is brought up - 1 = 25 jumping jacks

Someone cries - 10 = 100 lunges

Windmill - 0 = No planks

Date card shows up - 1 = 10 squats

"Ladies, this will be the final rose." - 1 = 20 calf raises

Peter kisses someone - 14 = 420 second wall sit

Confrontation between girls - 4 = 20 burpees

"I'm here for the right reasons." - 0 = No bicycle crunches

And the remaining girls are:


Victoria P.








Victoria F.


Hannah Anne




Until next week where we bring more NingXia and drama!

💚Much love!


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