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#TheBachelor Week 4 Recap

*Spoiler Alert* Can I just start with WTF????? Okay, so not only has Peter ticked off almost every girl on the show, but I'm losing respect for him and I'm probably not the only one. I get this must be a difficult process, but you're not even making decisions now. The producers are doing everything. Maybe you should have taken Hannah's offer to run away together. Here's the recap. They are off to Cleveland, Ohio. Victoria F gets the first 1 on 1 and as I'm sure we all know goes to her ex-boyfriend's concert. Yes, that is correct. Victoria F dated Chase Rice and the producers wanted to make sure that played a part of the show. So, after a fun-filled day at an amusement park, the couple is now surrounded by strangers while Chase Rice sings to his ex as she's dancing, kissing, and singing to Peter. Awkward on so many levels!!! Let's head off to a group date with 13 girls. And guess what they get to do? Play football. Well, 12 of them did anyways. For some reason Victoria P was hurting and decided to keep Peter company on the sideline. That's a bit disrespectful to the girls on the field, but Peter is making some bad decisions tonight, so just wait. All the girls end up being the winners. The game ended in a tie, 28 to 28. Thirteen girls head to the date night portion. Oh, wait. Make that 14 because Alayah is back to cause more hell. So, the night starts off with Victoria P asking Peter to talk again. Followed by a short conversation with Shiann, which is interrupted by Alayah and then that's all we get. The three (Peter, Alayah, and Victoria P) have a sit down. The girls are getting mad. Peter then makes the move of asking Alayah back. Someone needs to tell him to stop making that offer. He made it to Hannah, remember? Alayah, of course, says yes and gets the group date rose. Total BS by the way! Now the girls are fuming!!! Peter is off on his next 1 on 1 with Kelsey and they explore Cleveland. Luckily, no mention of champagne or drama. But, I'm sorry that's short lived because we have a cocktail party to start. Peter off the bat asks to talk to...take a guess? Yes, Victoria P! That is correct. But, Deandra and Natasha were not having it and called Peter out. That doesn't stop him from still asking to talk to Victoria P who outright says she's frustrated and doesn't really want to speak to him. They still sit down. Victoria F confronts Peter because since Alayah was gone she was able to do all sorts of snooping on the girls and the situation of the show. Alayah decided to tell everyone about the Chase Rice thing. So, not cool. And then to end this episode Sydney sits down and is understandability frustrated with Peter because he knows nothing about her because again everything revolves around Alayah. It's a whole thing and I'm frustrated. I know we're not seeing everything. They edit it like this on purpose to keep us coming back, but it's getting painful to watch. 🤯

Pilot Reference - 0 = No crunches "Can I steal you for a second?" - 2 = 20 push ups Hannah Brown shows up or is brought up - 0 = No jumping jacks Someone cries - 9 = 90 lunges Windmill - 0 = No planks Date card shows up - 2 = 20 squats "Ladies, this will be the final rose." - 0 = No calf raises Peter kisses someone - 15 = 450 second wall sit Confrontation between girls - 8 = 45 burpees "I'm here for the right reasons." - 0 = No bicycle crunches And the remaining girls are: Tammy Victoria P. Shiann Kiarra Savannah Mykenna Natasha Deandra Lexi Victoria F. Kelsey Hannah Anne Madison Kelley Sydney Alayah Until next week where we bring more NingXia and drama! 💚Much love!


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