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I keep saying I'm going to stop watching these, but I just can't stop myself. The Bachelor season premiere was yesterday and I was able to catch it on Hulu today and the only thing I can keep saying is "What is happening?"


1) Why did the franchise make Hannah B. come back and on her birthday, none the less? 2) Why is there a second Hannah?

3) Why is this 3 hours long?

4) Why is Peter kissing everyone?

5) Why am I watching this train wreck?

This was a big episode and I don't even know how to process it all. Thirty women, one guy, so many windmill jokes. I can't even right now.

Will I stop watching? Probably not. I liked Peter. Plus, it's kind of entertaining watching so many women freak out and show their crazy. Nobody is that perfect!

So, I'll get my NingXia ready for next week and let you know what happens!


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