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#TheBachelor Week 2 Recap

Spoiler Alert Okay. Well, let's say we're two weeks in and the drama is here. First off, let's talk Hannah Brown. Now, you must know she's not there by choice. During the filming of #TheBachelor she was still on Dancing with the Stars. I've read that the contestants on #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette are contractually obligated to do whatever ABC wants them to do for a year after their season. So, it's pretty clear Hannah Brown would have rather stayed practicing the dance moves than face the ex she broke up. Yes, she probably still cares for him and she would have left with him the day they filmed this if it was possible, but the station wanted the added drama of their relationship. My hope is that somehow she still shows up at the end, but that's just me. 🤷 Now the next drama fueled controversy is over champagne. Yes. You read that right. Champagne. From Des Moines, Iowa. Yes, it's been on your counter for over a year and you wanted to use it to celebrate something special. I get it. But girl, you could have kept your cool, sent one of the personal attendants, (cause you know these producers have PAs), to the liquor store for another bottle. But no, so this is the reason that they are now "bullying" one another. Both of these girls are crazy. Not a fan of Hannah Anne and not a fan of Kelsey. And not being a fan of Hannah Anne, really the model won the catwalk challenge? Shocker. And like she really needs all the stuff she was given. Really ABC? Couldn't have found a better cause than Hannah Anne's closet to spend money on? Very much disappointed. So, that pretty much the episode.

Though, I did find one of those exercise sheets for #TheBachelor and here's my tally of exercises.

Pilot Reference - 2 = 20 crunches "Can I steal you for a second?" - 0 = No push ups Hannah Brown shows up or is brought up - 10 = 250 jumping jacks Someone cries - 10 = 100 lunges

(this was also a very small group who just kept crying over and over again) Windmill - 1 = 30 second plank Date card shows up - 1 = 10 squats "Ladies, this will be the final rose." - 1 = 20 calf raises Peter kisses someone - 6 = 180 second wall sit Confrontation between girls - 6 = 30 burpees "I'm here for the right reasons." - 0 = No bicycle crunches And the remaining girls are for anyone doing #TheBachelor Bracket: Alayah

Tammy Victoria P. Jasmine Sarah Shiann Kiarra Savannah Alexa Mykenna Nathasha Deandra Lexi Victoria F. Kelsey Hannah Anne Madison Kelley Sydney Until next week where we bring more NingXia and drama! 💚Much love!

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