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I'm Scared

Tonight I lay in bed and wonder what tomorrow will bring. People have told me and I've even told myself one man can't control over a country without those watching him. I'm scared, though, that there won't be enough people to keep him and his "promises" in check.

I fear for my family. I fear for my friends. I fear for myself. I fear for those who I don't know personally, but who will be most impacted.

You can't tell me I'm being paranoid or I'm just a sore loser. I'm past worrying about the outcome of the election and have moved to what's going to happen next.

Right now we are having hearings for cabinet members who have no right being selected in the first place. Education nominee Betsy DeVos for one. She is worried more about bears, than public schools and how they are funded. She believed teachers are overpaid, but without them no one is ever going to make anything of themselves. We are able to read, write, do math, reason, know our history (which I think is a class many should return to and take a look at the similarities occurring) all because of teachers. They are expected to work magic with no tools. Why?

What about college? DeVos wouldn't comment about how she plans to continue discussions on dealing with sexual assaults on campuses. As a female, this is frightening. We already know that Trump has little to no respect for women, but I can't understand how this could even still be up to discussion. College is supposed to be where young adults find out more about the world and how they're going to change it for the better, but for how long will anyone feel safe on a campus when there is so much hate. We need to keep communication open on these types of actions. I've been to college and I've made choices, we all have. This shouldn't stop someone from reporting sexual assault or any assault for that matter. In high school, I had a teacher who kept the classroom cold just so the girls would be reminded to wear enough clothes. We need to change this line of thinking. For myself and every girl, no guy gets to have a say what happens to my body.

Now comes my next point. Tomorrow I may no longer get a decent insurance plan, if I have to leave my job and something were to happen to my soon to be husband. I have preexisting conditions. I have depression, anxiety, degenerative disk disease, on top of a hormone imbalance that has yet been properly diagnosed with a name. I shouldn't have to be concerned about birth control or any of my prescriptions. I also shouldn't have to worry about the option of abortion and how much jail time I will serve if I ever make such a decision. Though the probability of me being able to get pregnant is very low, as I may be infertile due to my hormone imbalance, things can sometimes happen. But why bring a child into the world when there would be a very high likelihood of a mental or physical disability. Who should tell me that I would have to bring that child into the cruel world that mocks the handicap? Where is the help to make sure this child could receive the appropriate healthcare? Where is that assistance coming? Or the other option, why should I risk my own life when having a child could kill me? I think that decision belongs to me and my husband. No one else.

Don't tell me not to worry. I don't have that luxury. I am female and I have a fight ahead of me.

I wish tomorrow I could march. I wish Saturday I could march. But, that doesn't mean I'm not doing what I can right now. I'm making my voice heard. I'm following hose who are leading change. You've seen my tweets and Facebook posts. I'm one voice among the masses, but I will use my voice for those who need it, including myself.

If you disagree with me, your choices are simple. Either unfollow / unfriend me or we can have a discussion, with facts and proof. You get to decide.

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