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Hey Mom

Each day since surgery, I have finally gotten a better understanding of a portion of what you go through daily.

You make it work, though. You take each day and you still make it good. I am so proud of you. I am in awe of you. You could have given up and I would have understood, but you keep going. You are so strong and I'm beyond thankful for that.

Each day I recover a little more, but for you this is your reality. I'm so sorry for that.

I also wanted to apologize for never truly understanding what you go through. When I was the one taking care of you, I never knew and I wasn't the best. Being a teenager, I thought my life was far more important and I never appreciated you. I do now.

I want to thank you for being here for me as I adjust to my current situation. You gave me tips. You warn me when I do something stupid that could set me back. You also remind me daily that it will get better.

Thank you so much for everything! I promise to do better.

I love you mom!

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