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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

The holiday season is here again and I just wanted to let you know what Shane and I have been up to this year.

I am still working at Spire Credit Union and most days really enjoying things. Some days are a bit frustrating, but what job doesn’t have those. I have also started ghostwriting for blogs. This has given me the freedom to write on my own schedule and luckily topics I want. Though I don’t have the rights to what I write, I’m okay getting experience freelancing and hopefully I’ll get clients of my own in the future. I have also been busy keeping my website new and current to my life. I do have points where I get busy and push it to the back, but I’m trying to get better with it. My website is just me and my life, so it’s been nice.

Shane is still working for the Hennepin County Library System. He’s stopped moving around to three or four different ones and he has a home. He is getting more involved at work and with his union. He has become a steward and is enjoying those responsibilities.

Our major vacation this year was to Cancun for one of my best friend’s wedding. Though my back was not up for the trip, laying by the ocean, enjoying the food, and getting to see some friends and adapted family was a blast. I was not ready to come back. Shane and I have agreed that once I’m back to better health, we’ll be taking another trip.

Now back to the health. I will be having back surgery December 12th, which is why I got these out at the beginning of December. I knew I wouldn’t be up to it shortly after surgery. Because of surgery, Shane and I made the decision to move. Lucky for us, there was a first-floor apartment available in our apartment complex. So, that was good. Now I just focus on recovery. I’ll be out of work for a while, but I’ll keep writing during that.

Wedding plans are still moving forward. Not quite on schedule, but luckily, we still have over a year to go.

I hope you are doing wonderful!

Norma, Shane, and Tinkerbelle

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