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Cancun, Mexico

Emotions have been alternating between excitement and fear. This is the first time I’ll be traveling outside the United States and I have no idea what I’m doing.

I'm about to head to Cancun, Mexico for a wedding, which I am incredibly excited about. One of my best friends will be marring her prince charming and it's going to be wonderful.

Over the last few months though I’ve been researching and learning what I need to have done.

Step 1: Get my passport and I got it in the mail. Check!

Step 2 : Get plane tickets. We searched for our cheapest options and ones that would allow us to arrive at the resort in time for check in. Check!

Step 3 : Make sure our resort was taken care of. Luckily, our contact at was amazing and answered all my emails promptly. Check!

Step 4 : Contact all my banks and let them know so I won’t be without funds during the trip. Check!

Step 5 : Research outings and events. Check!

Step 6 : Packing. Check!

Step 7 : Make sure itinerary is printed. Check!

Step 8 : Get into shape. Next time right.

Time to head out on my first big adventure!!!

Check out some pictures of the trip in my gallery section.

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