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When Doves Cry

Music gives us the soundtracks to our lives and today another great artist and contributor of that soundtrack takes the stage elsewhere.

As we mourn the loss of Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016), my thoughts keep wandering from watching “Purple Rain” with my mom, to listening to “Strawberry Beret” on repeat in my room for hours on end, to my dad in his stereo room blasting “Little Red Corvette”.

With a career spanning decades and venues, Prince has shown the world how to live like no one else matters.

As a fan, I want to somehow show my support and my love of Prince and the music he bestowed upon us all. As I write this, I know that others are doing the same thing and we all weep while the records play in the background. I know that death is a part of life, but each life taken makes me question why so young?

I was able to spend some time experiencing the love that was had for such an amazing artist here in Minnesota.

After the news spread, a block party was organized outside of First Avenue to honor Prince and being submerged in that environment was absolutely amazing and humbling. It was a cathartic expression for all. Seeing Prince’s star on First Avenue’s wall was something I never thought would mean so much. Being in Minnesota for a year now, I’m still getting familiar with what makes this place great. Knowing that this was Prince’s home made things seem magical. I’m just sorry that it took him leaving this world to make me realize.

It has been a treat sharing my experience with the world as well. I’m so glad that I was spontaneous and made the trip to dance the night away. Talking with people who weren’t able to go about to First Avenue has been enlightening. Upon such a tragedy, I have a memory of Prince personally now. I can say I was at First Avenue celebrating Prince when we found out he left us. I can look at all the pictures and videos and know that I was one of them and for a short time we all had a common goal. We all wanted to take some time and enjoy the artist and what he stood for in life. He broke barriers and with that he has allowed others to grow. In an interview I was listening to, Prince thanked his audience for allowing him to grow and to grow with him. I believe we all have too.

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