Day 2 (Nov 2) : Connections

November 3, 2017

Today was a day.  


I asked for a little push.  I asked for help to get me moving forward and I got it.  


I was talking with a coworker about my health and how I've been taking on life.  I was real and up front.  I talked about my depression, my chronic pain, my eating disorder.  I talked about it all.


She asked me how I've been dealing with it and I told the truth.  I'm going natural.  I'm kicking toxins from my life and it just went from there.


She was really interested in Young Living and what I've been getting out of it.


It felt really good to have someone understand and to see the benefits.


I'm really happy I had a "purple" bag with me.  It had information for her to take home and look over.  Tomorrow I'm taking a few samples to work to give her.


I know my coworker will benefit from a toxic free life.



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