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Soundtrack of My Life

I despised this professor in college. Only because he said I'd never make it. It's kind of true, but that's for another day.

There is one class I fall back on A LOT, though, with him. He gave the assignment to bring in a song that did something for us. It could make your day better. It could make you productive. It could say everything your soul needed to say but couldn't. So, that's what we did that day. We listened to the soundtrack of our lives. It was something that connected us all, but also showed some vulnerable in each of us.

Through every chapter of life, there has been a song to connect to a person or a moment. I've started writing the stories and building my soundtrack. Someday, I might put them all together to see what happens.

But, for now, I'm just trying to get from the start of my day to the end without any issues.

Some days are good. I'll dance my way down the hallway at work. Some days not so much and I turn the volume all the way up to drown out the world around me.

Some days I discover old favorites. Others I become increasingly obsessed with a handful of songs and they sit on repeat for hours. And then there are days when a random song shows up and reminds me of things I'm not ready to tackle.

I know where I get this. Music had been imbedded into my being since I was a tiny tot. Can't say that gave me any sort of talent. But, I do have a great appreciation for those who do and for the music that I enjoy.

So, I guess tomorrow is another day and another chance to have an amazing song remind me that things are going to be okay.

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