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Someone Great

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Someone Great. We all know someone great. Someone who once took our breath away. Someone who made us stronger in our weak times. Someone who loves us unconditionally. But, that someone great doesn't always stick around. Life doesn't always let us keep those we think we need.

For Jenny, Erin, and Blair everything they knew was changing. Since college, they were always together and Jenny was always dating Nate. Nine years they were together. But, in a blink of an eye Nate and Jenny's relationship ended and the three best friends are going to have to figure out how to do things without always being together.

Someone Great allows the girls one final day together before Jenny flies away to her dream job. It's a day of playing hooky from responsibility and just letting loose for one final Neon Classic.

This movie spent a lot of time remembering the good and the bad of Nate and Jenny's relationship. It also explored the secrets the girls were hiding from each other and themselves.

Being a Netflix movie, I initially thought it was going to be a fun chick flick, which it was, but I also connected with it. I loved the casting. I loved the real truth of it. It didn't hide the drugs, alcohol, or sex. I loved how it reminds us all that we have to move forward and grow. That means sometimes relationships end, sometimes relationships evolve, and sometimes we can only rely on ourselves.

This movie has become a fast favorite and I'll be watching it whenever I need to remind myself that things change. Plus, who doesn't love a movie that features Lizzo's "Truth Hurts". So, if you haven't already, check out Someone Great on Netflix.

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