• Norma Jean Dunning-Clune

Russian Doll

My first thought when watching Russian Doll was, "what the hell?" But, that's what drew me in, the unknown of how things were going to play out.

Each episode begins like the one before, but how it ends differs completely.

Why was this happening and how can it be stopped? Those were the questions that plagued Nadia as she kept reviving at the same point after her untimely demise.

Nadia wasn't the only one who was meeting with the grin reaper, there was another, Alan. How would these two end the unnatural time loop? That's something they had to figure out together. They needed to find each other at exactly the right moment.

This show was an easy binge because I needed to know if the cycle was ever going to end. I needed to see how each interaction Nadia had would impact her next trip. I needed to see how one person could change the future of another by one simple act. I needed to see if Nadia would ever take the stairs again.

Spend your weekend and watch Season One of Russian Doll. You won't be sorry.


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