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My Young Living Story

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Many of you know that I have a Young Living business and I am obsessed with the essential oils and everything that Young Living has to offer. I wanted to take some time and tell you my story.

Because this is a network marketing business, I still have people looking at me like I’ve fallen into a scam. I can assure you this is not a scam. This is an opportunity for me to work my own schedule, get a paycheck, and help out family and friends. Isn’t that what we all really want from our job?

I started Young Living back in 2016. One of my friends had been watching me struggle with some health issues. Mainly at that point, I was trying to lose weight before my first spinal fusion surgery. My amazing friend Ashlyn called me and asked if I was interested in checking out essential oils and seeing how they could help my body navigate this time in my life. Being a network marketing business, I decided I would help out a friend and get the starter kit. It came with a diffuser and some oils, so I figured if nothing else I’d diffuse lavender before bed and it would be worth it.

I got my kit and used it every now and again. I wasn’t sure what all the oils I got in the kit were used for and it was daunting. So, I just kept working on my old ways leading up to surgery.

The day of my surgery came and it went as expected. They had a little extra to do, but I was out and in recovery. However, I don’t do well with the anesthesia. I was nauseous and sore and just not having a good time coming to. That when one of the nurses asked if I wanted some essential oils to help. I said yes.

That’s when it all sort of clicked for me. There had to be something I was missing with these oils. If my friend was using them and seeing results and the hospital was using them to work alongside their usual methods, I needed to actually take this whole thing seriously.

I spent my first year as part of Young Living exploring the oils and learning what I could from the Reference Guide, Google, and any other means available to me. I needed to know how these oils could help me and my health issues. I wanted to be able to share what I learned when I started sharing Young Living with my friends and family.

I’ll fast forward to now. My business is slowly growing as I continue to share my passion and I continue to see the benefits of having the oils. Right now I don’t have insurance, so I can’t go to the doctor when I’m feeling crummy, but I know I can reach my oils for relief. Whether it’s a cough, issues with my ears, my stomach, my insomnia, feeling run down, exhausted, irritable, whatever is ailing me I have an oil that will give me some relief.

No, these oils aren’t the almighty cure all for illnesses and disease. That’s not what I’m saying. What I am saying is that essential oils have the ability to help the systems in the body.

Have the oils cured my back pain and issues? No, but with them I can help with the inflammation. Have the oils cured my migraines? No, but with them I can help the nausea and pressure. Have the oils cured my depression? No, but with them I can help myself remember some better times by just smelling them.

I want to be able to help you get the relief you and your family need. Let’s talk.

*Here's a link to the YoungLiving starter kit*

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