• Norma Jean Dunning-Clune

Little Black Dress

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

She stopped thinking.

For the first time in a long time, she decided not to let what anybody else think cloud her judgment. This was her life after all. She alone would face the consequences. But, that didn't mean she couldn't have some fun along the way. So, she decided to dazzle at the party. She was told not to. This was a sophisticated gathering. Nothing showy. Nothing that would draw attention from the hosts. But, she just couldn't help herself. She was feeling good and a bit rebellious. Plus, what right did they have to tell her what she could and couldn't do. She's been making her own decision since she was a child. It wasn't like anyone else was doing it.

She walked in. Three inch heels, freshly shaved legs, a small black dress that came to mid thigh and had a halter neckline. No need for a necklace, but some earrings, and her hair done up in a high ponytail. Not trashy, just the right amount of curls to frame her face and volume to make sure it didn't fall flat. As she walked in the room, she felt a little like Cinderella at the ball. The only difference was that everybody knew her name and if they didn't, she knew it wouldn't take long for her to be labeled as the black sheep. She only got a pity invite, but it was fun to watch the elders squirm. She'd face the consequences tomorrow. Tonight was her night to shine. And she definitely did.


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