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Let the Exercise Commence

With this new gig I've picked up, I've noticed a few things.

1) I enjoy grocery shopping.

2) I've realized how much I've missed not being able to be out in the world.

3) Doing grocery shopping is some pretty easy exercise.

I've been needing to get 30 minutes of walking in a day to continue with my physical therapy at home. But as the cold, snow, and ice moved in, that amount of time has decreased substantially. So, this has been a great option. I'm doing the walking I need to inside of a store and getting paid. Yes please!!!

Right now, I'm taking things slow; only doing a couple of orders a day, but I'll get stronger and I'll be ready to do more. My body just needs to get accustomed to moving again.

Hopefully in January, I'll be out of the brace and moving and grooving through the grocery stores.

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