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Just Got Paid

I walked into my therapy appointment this morning with a little bounce in my step. My therapist asked me what was going on and I told her about the InstaCart opportunity.

Not only was she impressed by my drive to find some sort of opportunities that will bring me some sort of income, but will also fill other aspects of my life that have been missing for so long.

I haven't been able to nail down a traditional job because of my health issues, but having a little bit of freedom with untraditional jobs hs become such a huge blessing.

So, besides InstaCart, my therapist asked what the other jobs I've been doing and it probably shouldn't have taken me as long as it did to list them all. I realized I've taken on a few smaller projects, but because I get to schedule my time and use energy when I have it, things are working out.

You've probably lost track as well, so here's a run down:

-Instacart : grocery shopping and delivery

-Write score : essay grading

-Young Living : Essential oils, cleaning products, makeup, supplements, weight Management, etc. : This amazing website you are pursuing

-Inbox Dollar : online survey taking, games, emails, coupons, etc

And then the apps I use for random gift cards:

-Ibotta : receipts and offers

-ReceiptPal : receipts

-S'more : lockscreen ads, videos, surveys

I know. I've got a lot going on. And yeah, the apps aren't big money, but a $5.00 gift card to Target or the movies isn't bad for little effort.

The main ones are the things I'm passionate about or enjoy doing and I get paid to do them, bring it on.

Here's to making 2020 a better year, while gaining some of my power back and feeling useful again.


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