• Norma Jean Dunning-Clune

How Was Your Day?

My day went pretty well. I got in three Target orders with Shipt and one Cub order with Instacart before my body requested we stop for the day. I've only been doing this for a few weeks and I can feel my body getting a little stronger with each day. I've already lost a few pounds and I can feel a little more light and joy returning to my life. This may not be a conventional job, but I really see this being something great for me. It gives me hope that I can be productive, while also taking care of myself; body, mind, and soul.

One of my orders was so nice about me shopping her order. She was very open to the replacements I had to make and then when I delivered she asked me to leave them at her door because she wasn't feeling well. I told her I hoped she felt better soon and thought that was the end. But, she messaged thanking me for the small sample I gave her. I gave her a Thieves Roller and my business card for Young Living. This then moved us into talking oils and all the great ways we use them around our own homes. It was great to make a connection. She even said when she needed more she'd let me know! Yay!

After I got home, I did a little bit of organizing with my budget and bills. I've fallen behind on things because I haven't been able to work for six months now. But, I'm hopeful now. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I just have to keep moving forward.

My husband was able to come home at a decent time and that allowed us to cook dinner together. Most days we don't get to do that because of his schedule, so when we can spend time laughing and cooking together it just feels good. Especially, after a rocky first year of marriage. But, again there's hope.

So, today has been a good day and hopefully that only shows a glimpse of what this year will bring. I know there is still a lot of moving forward and forgiveness to allow into my life, but this is a good sign of what's to come. I hope you all had a good day as well.

Remember, I'm here if you ever need to talk.

💚 Much Love!!!


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