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I have mentioned before about one of my side hustles, InboxDollars. Well, I'm back to tell you a little bit more about a new feature I've uncovered to help me make more money with it.

Yay, extra money!

I downloaded the app and come to my surprise there are more ways to make money using it. My favorite is turning those weekly grocery runs into scavenger hunts.

We all know that InboxDollars has coupons you can print out and use, which gives you money back. Of course I use those.

But, the app has a feature that lets you scan products at the store and you get money back on those as well.

The Target, Cub, Walmart, CVS, Aldi, Walgreens runs have turned into even better trips because I get to find new products, scan them, no buying necessary to get money back.

Yes, please!

When you're ready to get started, click here, download the app, and start making some extra money.

Good thing since the holidays are fast approaching.

I actually just cashed out my check for last month, which is definitely a nice little treat to help pay some bills right now.

Go Get Started!!!!

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