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Good in the World

I promise not every day I'll spend time gushing over my amazing customers. Today, I will though. Today wasn't the best shopping days. My first order kind of put a damper on the day and it just didn't really get much better. Though, my last trip ended with me almost in tears. This woman was absolutely amazing. I kept asking questions to make sure I got everything she needed. I thought she found me obnoxious and unqualified, but that wasn't at all true. She was so nice about the questions. How ripe do you want your avocados and bananas? I'm confused about the shrimp, do you want the grey or the pink? They're out of this brand, will this option be a good replacement? Each question was answered kindly and with a thumbs up. These responses started to change the mood of the trip. While I waited in the check out line, I decided that this would be my last shop of the day. I just wasn't up to any more issues. So, I got the order paid for and loaded into my car. I messaged the woman I would be there shortly and she instructed me to which door I needed to go to. I arrived and she came out to help me. She introduced me to her giant puppy, a Newfoundland, told me about the cookies she's been baking all day, and then handed me a tip. It was at this point where I felt that I did okay. This tip will allow me to put gas into my car, so I can keep up with deliveries. She even messaged me and told me again I did a great job and asked if there was any way she could request me. I'm not sure that's an option, but it did make me feel good. There is good in the world and I'm so blessed that even after all the issues and self-doubt, I'm doing okay. One rough day, that's all this was. Tomorrow will be better.

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