• Norma Jean Dunning

Call Yourself A Martyr

You lost a prize when you lost me. You lost a love you'll never find again. You lost more than I ever did. It's taken me some time to realize that you never knew how to love. You just know how to play games. And when you grew bored of Life, you turned the board.

While I heal from the torture you put me through, I realize how much better I deserve. You'll continue telling the same lies to a different hair color and I'll be living my life so much better.

You can make me the villain. You can make yourself the martyr. But, we both know who the role of villain really belongs. The one who cheated, not once, not twice, but three times with proof. Only you know the true number. My only crime was my own survival.

So, best wishes as you entangle your next victim. My warmest regards to your monkeys. For one day, they'll grow tired of it all and you'll be where you left me. Alone and cold. All the while, I'll be warm and comforted by those who love me better.

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