• Norma Jean Dunning-Clune


I walked into battle today. Not wielding my usual weapons.

Mockingjay from The Hunger Games

Today, I brought the white flag.

This was it. I couldn't keep the fight going any longer. I was out of ammunition. I was weak and broken. This war had finally taken the last bit of strength I had.

You had to see the wounds that were afflicted. You had to see the struggle of each step I took. I couldn't continue this way. Nothing was changing. No ground was being covered. We both dug ourselves into our trenches and that was it. We'd hurl grenades across and that was the only sound heard. The negotiations stopped. The hope for a peaceful outcome had evaporated through the chaos. One of us had to take the loss. And I was willing if it would start to heal the hurt.

Somewhere along the way our united front turned on each other. So, instead of us taking on the true enemy, we were here, waging war among ourselves. But, the end had come and the damage was done. Now it was time to move on. No more fighting. No more pain.


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