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My Sun and Stars

I'm going to take some time and dote on my amazing fiance.  He is a trooper and I'm glad he has decided to go on the crazy adventure ahead of us together.

When we first met I was finding my way out of the extremes.  I had been though the ringer.  

I was outcasted.  I was unloved.  I was broken.  I was reckless.  I was driven to make changes in my life and I told him he could come along for the ride or he needed to find someone else.  I was bitter.  I was angry.  I was empowered.  I was both dark and light.

For some reason, he decided to take a risk.  He decided to bet on me and our growing relationship.  He decided I was worth something.  I still find it hard some days to figure out why he decided to take on everything I've put him through.  But, he stays.

I know I'm not always the easiest person to deal with.  Some days I sleep it away.  Other days I need constant reassurance that I'm doing okay.  Some days my pain makes me sad, frustrated, and helpless.  Some days I'm a rainbow of colors.  Some days I want to take on the world.  Some days it just takes everything I have to live.

He has taken me as I am.  He has taken a broken soul and has decided to walk on a journey of healing and discovery together.  

An amazing friend always reminded me that the man my heart was waiting for would be wonderful and he would be my equal, my best friend, my confidant, my partner in life.  I'm beyond blessed that I have found that person.

I put my heart out there many times only to have it broken and misused, but I'm safe now.  I've found my place and I'm blessed to become his wife.

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