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Day 3 (Nov 3) : We Should Start a Pet Daycare Here

For a day that has been all around the emotional rollercoaster, I can say one thing did make it better.

At work today, there were some surprise guests.  

Three little kitten.  I know that's the start of the story in Dispicable Me, but that's the main point of my feel good story.

Our marketing department brought in three little kitten who desperately needed homes.  

Luckily, before noon even rolled around they found them.  One was taken right away.  The other two took a little time, but with their amazing cuteness and the fact their fate if someone didn't decide to love on them, they found homes.

By the afternoon, I couldn't wait any longer and I went and sat with them for a while.  I decided it had been a weird enough day that I deserved it.  I deserved to take a break and watch a couple of kittens play.

So, I guess the story goes "and three little kittens all found homes."

Everyone meet Charlie.  He found his home with my friend and coworker, Ashley.

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