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Day 5 : My Monkey

Today is Clear the Shelters and as much as I would love to give every dog a loving home, I can’t. Not yet anyways. That doesn’t mean I can’t spend a little extra time snuggling my own little girl. She has been in my life since she was born, so luckily, she has never had to deal with being in a shelter. She has been a saving grace in my world. For a time, the only reason I got out of bed was for her. Even though she didn’t get much out of it. She got me to move from point a to point b and then she would just snuggle and keep me going. Today she still snuggles when I’m having a bad day, but she also gets to spend time with her dad. She has taken to my fiancé, which makes me love them both a bit more. So today, my monkey is my happy thought. She’s amazing!!!

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