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Day 2 : Sleep

I am incredibly grateful for my amazing guy. Though, my days vary on how I’m feeling, he takes it in strides. My body decided it needed a break from reality and shut itself down. For those who deal with chronic pain and issues, you understand what I mean. For those who don’t, be blessed you don’t. Though sleeping for 12 hours sounds great. I miss out on so much. I miss out on spending time with my fiancé. I miss out on playing with my dog. I miss out on watching the sun set or listening to the rain. It takes a toll on me when my body decided it has had enough, but my guy is amazing. When these days come, he lets me be. He doesn’t expect me to be bright eyed and bushy tailed. He doesn’t expect me to get up and cook or do dishes. He just gives me the time I need to pull myself together again. He loves me on my dark days and I’m incredibly blessed for that.

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