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It's Not Okay...(But it will be according to Andi)

It didn’t disappoint. But, even watching the ending there was a fear for her. A lot of people said she made a mistake and she’s admitted she did. She gave her heart to a man who didn’t deserve it.

As soon as I found out about “It’s Not Okay”, I knew I had to read it especially since it coincided with Number 26’s (Josh Murray) return to the show on Bachelor in Paradise.

No one will ever know the full truth about the relationship and it’ll always be a he said, she said. (As he denied everything in the book on Bachelor in Paradise).

However, Andi walks us through the entire relationship from the highs to the lows that followed the breakup. I love that we got to see the fierce Andi come back. She is witty and funny throughout the book, but I get what she’s talking about. We’ve all dealt with heartbreaks. I, luckily, haven’t had any of mine broadcast to an entire nation.

Andi brought me back to those days and she reminded me of how strong each relationship made me and I can see that she finally got to the point where she’s growing too. I’m excited for her adventures in New York and know she’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

There was one point where I felt a little bad for Number 26, but at that point he pushed too hard for too long to fully ever redeem himself.

Part of me questioned that was his intention for returning on Bachelor in Paradise. He was looking for redemption. I, however, saw everything Andi described. One minute sweet, caring protective; the next he’s yelling and the rage you see in his eyes makes me believe even more of what Andi said.

By the end of Bachelor in Paradise, I fear for Amanda and her girls. I hope he never yelled at them and made them feel worthless. But, with the announcement of their breakup, I wonder what happened there.

But for anyone who like reading about other people’s relationships or if you’re going through one and need someone to go on the trip with, take Andi. She tells it like it is. Whether you’re on day one of breakup or day 55, read it.

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