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Talking as Fast as You Can

The reboot of Gilmore Girls was the return of an old friend. The kind that feels like no time has passed since you last talk. I was beyond excited to hear the announcement of the reboot by Netflix, but I never thought of the emotions I would feel watching it.

This story of mother and daughter was a delight from the beginning and it was fun to watch Alexis Bledel make her start here. I didn’t pick up the original series until I went to college. I fell in love. To my mom’s enthusiasm, she spent a large portion of the summer watching the entire original series with me after I got the set on DVD for Christmas.

The reboot brought back a world that housed characters that we can only find in books. It brought back friends and fun cameos. I knew it be emotional without Ed Herrmann who played Richard Gilmore. I felt a little lost that he wasn’t there for advice or guidance for both Lorelei and Rory, and for myself. I missed him.

I missed Sookie too. I love that she came in at the end, but I wanted more. I wanted to see how the kids were and to see her happily in the kitchen to talk through issues with Lorelei. I understand the changes and the same thing was sort of happening with Michel. After some time, everyone must find a way to grow.

I loved Rory. For me, she became human. I loved her in the first go, but she was “perfect” and it was good to see the struggles and the way in which she held herself. I may have to adopt her nervous tap dancing numbers. I know people criticized this new Rory, but I think she grew up perfectly.

In my opinion the reboot was perfect. We had closure, at least with Luke and Lorelei. I’m so glad they finally tied the knot. The last four words though? I’m with Lauren Graham when it comes to those. In her book, “Talk as Fast as You Can”, she mentions continuously that this sounds like a cliffhanger. I agree. It does. What’s going to happen?

Graham talks, in her book, with several different people and can’t seem to get an answer. If she couldn’t get the answer, who can?

I would suggest looking at Graham’s book if you want to know what was going on behind the scenes of the reboot. Graham also touches on the original series and her time on Parenthood. She throws in some helpful tips. I loved the kitchen times method of writing and her description of the diet chart had me cracking up. It’s fast paced and you can feel the Lorelei coffee buzz in there. Graham is definitely a unique individual and I think she’s pretty amazing.

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