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October Weight Loss: The Struggle is Real

The month of October was no less than an uphill climb. I am so ready for surgery. I’m ready to be back on my feet and feeling like myself again. I want to be able to exercise, to dance, to take Tink for a walk without being in pain or feeling completely and totally exhausted. I’m so ready.

My weight loss journey has hit a major road block. I can’t do my physical therapy. I’m still watching what I eat and keeping track using MyFitnessPal and the Pact app. But, I don’t feel like that is enough. I’m feeling rather defeated.

I hit my breaking point a couple of weeks ago. I hit a low and it has taken a toll not only on me, but my amazing fiancé. I’m taking the steps needed to get back to a mentally stable place, while waiting for my physical abilities to increase.

I know this month doesn’t have much inspiration, but I guess the one good point I’ll add is even though my clothes are not fitting correctly at the moment, I lost three pounds and I’ve made $4.52 just by logging my meals each day.

It could be worse right?

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