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September Weight Loss

The month started off a little rocky. From being nauseous and not wanting to eat, to hitting up the state fair, I was off track. I wasn’t logging my food and I wasn’t able to get my normal exercises going. After my injections at the end of August, I was just feeling so off. I had a continuous headache, I felt weak, and just exhausted.

As the month continued, it didn’t get any better. From back to back doctor’s appointments, to finding out surgery is coming in December, it was rough. I haven’t walked, my physical therapy is getting harder. I’m really not doing well and it has impacted my weight loss, or I should say weight gain.

Surgery will be a fusion of my disks and it is schedule for December 12th with six to eight weeks of recovery before I go back to work, plus more physical therapy. I must say though, if I feel better after this then I’m going to be doing my best to make sure I’m healthy and my body stays strong.

Even though the month didn’t go as planned, there were a few good things.

On the 8th, however, I discovered a new app that I decided to try, Pact. They pay me or I pay them depending on if I meet my goals. Sounds like a good way to stay motivated. I started just doing on day a week on exercises, but I’m forcing myself to log my food every day. The days I miss I have to pay $5 into the pot. It was easy to link to MyFitnessPal which keeps track of my food. I’m trying to get my Fitbit linked, but I’m sure I will and then I’ll start upping my game for exercises. So far I’ve paid out nothing and I’ve made $2.35. I think I’ll keep it up for a while. If anyone has any questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask.

Here's on to the next month of October.

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