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People Change People

“The secret to life…. People Change People!” - Cory Matthews

As I’m making my way through “Girl Meets World” for the second time, waiting for season three to come to Netflix, I question why?

At the age of 28, why am I connecting with a fourteen year old? Why am I drawn so strongly to this show? Is it Cory and Topanga? Or is it the sense of wonder and excitement that we all once felt as we were coming of age?

For me, I believe it is both. I remember my childhood watching “Boy Meets World” and connecting to the struggles, the decisions, questioning life as I got older, basically watching Cory, Shawn, Topanga, Eric, Feeny, waiting to see what the world had in store for them and for me.

Now we get the chance to look at how Cory and Topanga work as adults and we still get to see their wonder and their magic. We watch as they still work to find themselves in the world that their teenage daughter is trying to navigate.

I also fell in love with the friendships. I miss those friendships. Growing up, we move away from our friends and we have to learn to go alone. Watching Riley and Maya, we see friendships that start strong stay strong. Shawn and Cory bring the girls hope on that front and they give me hope. Even though I’m many miles for my closest friends, I know they’re a phone call or a flight away.

We’re also watching as the girls navigate through boys, bullies, and the wonder of the world. For each of us, we’ve encountered these. I’m excited to see how Riley, Maya, Farkle, and Lucas make it in high school.

I look at “Girl Meets World” as a continuation for us all to continue to grow and make the world how we want it. Let’s make it the best we can.

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