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After Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise is over and now I'll give my take on how it ended.

*Spoiler Alert*

First off, let me tell you what I hated. Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise. I hated that they gave away the ending. They gave away the next bachelor before the season was over. They also gave away one couple, so I wonder who that leaves.

Now on to what was right...Bachelor in Paradise.

Evan and Carly.... So many twists and turns with this couple, but I've been rooting for them the entire time. I was happy they got together and got engaged! Yay!!! Love them both... crazy and all!

Grant and Lace (Grace).... They complimented each other so much. They both said it throughout the show. I'm sure Lace keeps Grant on his toes daily. I'm glad that they got engaged.

Amanda and Josh.... I was not happy when Josh came in and his sights were set on Amanda. She is the sweetest girl on the show and she is a mom. I've been worried Josh is going to hurt her and he hasn't yet. But, that doesn't mean it won't. I'm still awaiting Andi's book to see what she has to say, but excerpts I've read have not shown Josh in the best light. I hope he treats the girls right this time around.

Jen and Nick.... Not engaged. I would have been more surprised had After Paradise not ruined it. They announced the new bachelor before the end, so we knew Nick and Jen weren't going to make it. I kind of wish Nick would have tried harder with Jen. I'm also not trilled to hear Nick is the next bachelor. He's had three chances. i don't feel this is the right environment for him. I'll still watch, but I'm skeptical.

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