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Weight Loss - One Month Down

A month has gone by and I have been looking at things differently. You have all been so supportive about this and I’ve been given great advise that I am really trying to take to heart. This is a lifestyle change for me and that’s how I’m looking at it.

I started the month recording everything I ate. This was to show myself where I sit on a normal basis. It was also to show myself what is good and what can be eaten only at special times.

I’ve also added some small exercises to help. My doctor requested 30 minutes of activity, but I go day by day. My back and the pain has been a factor and each day is a different scenario unfortunately. My goal has been to hit all three Pokestops and the gym by my apartment. That is a good walk and something that I can usually do.

To let you know what I’m dealing with, we got the MRI back and I have three disks that are causing nerve pain, pain in my back, and pain down both legs. I have gone in for injections, so we shall see how this helps. The fun side effect – weight gain. Depending on the results, another back surgery may be in the near future.

I can’t see any progress, but again this is a marathon not a sprint. I’ll just keep eating better, watching what I eat, and trying to be a bit more active. If you have, suggestions please send them my way! Any support helps!

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