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Pokemon Go!

Gotta Catch Em All!

I joined the Pokémon Go phenomenon on July 10, 2016 and since then I’ve been working my way up; catching Pokémon and growing as a trainer. I’ve been so excited to go out and meet other team members and just talk Pokémon.

Since the first round of Pokémon, I have been a trainer. I loved Pokémon when I was young and now I am still going out and doing my best. This new game has brought me back to childhood and I’ve even pulled out my old games as well.

It’s been fun to also see the excitement of others. Some amazing people worked with bars in downtown Minneapolis to get lures going on Saturday and it was supposed to be a time to meet with other members of the teams and catch Pokémon and drink.

I was looking forward to going, but unfortunately plans had to change. I only had enough energy to walk about four blocks, get our shirts, and then walk the four block back to the car. So much for enjoying the Gotta Drink of em Pub Crawl.

You can’t understand the guilt I feel every time my fiancé and I have to change plans because I am in too much pain to do anything. My fiancé has been amazing, but I continue to feel like I’m holding him back. I can’t wait to feel better and to be back to having energy to go on adventures again.

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