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Journey to a Healthier Me

My entire life, I’ve had issues with my weight. I’ve done diets. I’ve done diet pills. I’ve tried pretty much everything. But the only time I can remember actually getting down in size is when my body completely shut down because it couldn’t accept food and when I didn’t have enough money to buy food.

So, I thought because of that fact my body itself was the culprit. It was sabotaging me. However, after I got my blood tests back from a week ago, my thyroid is fine, so I’m back at the beginning. My doctor has encouraged me to change the way I eat and to begin a daily exercise routine. This is not only for my back and my cholesterol, but for my overall happiness.

This is my plan and how to keep myself accountable. Once a month, on the first, I'll give an update and review what I've been doing. I'll document exercises and the diet I've put myself on. So here we go! We start today. I'll let you know next month on how everything is working out.

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