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Who's Heading to Hometowns? The Bachelorette Recap

***Spoiler Alert***

It’s time for a Bachelorette episode recap.

Tonight I grabbed some wine and turned on Hulu for my weekly dose of the Bachelorette, seeing where JoJo’s journey takes her. Monday’s episode had two leaving, while the remaining four guys take her home to meet their families next week. So who made the cut?

Reeling from last week’s rose ceremony, JoJo decided not to give out the final rose. She instead decided to keep both James and Alex, along with Robby, Chase, Jordan, and Luke.

So this week, we headed to Argentina for 3 one-on-one dates and one group date with three guys. The group date was the only one with a rose. This rose signified the first person guaranteed to head home and show off JoJo.

The first one-on-one was doomed from the start as JoJo picked Alex. Watching the ride to their destination was just painful. There was little talking. A lot of staring out windows. Once they reached their destination, they started making a little headway only to be stopped when Alex finally admitted he loved JoJo and she realized it wasn’t right. So the first in was the first out of this week’s episode.

The second one-on-one was Jordan. A leading man from the beginning, but there is something that is off-putting to me about him. From watching him so far this season, I have a bad taste. But, that could also be because of the stories I’ve read about his past girlfriend. The girl JoJo actually had the privilege of meeting even before this season started, as she admitted during their first one-on-one date. Though not my favorite, Jordan survived his day of grape smashing, wine drinking, hot tube sitting, dinner eating date.

The third one-on-one was Luke, my favorite guy on this season. As JoJo put it, he’s “a man”. Luke throughout this season hasn’t made any grand moves, but he has had a presence within the house and I’m sure within JoJo’s mind. He is gorgeous, sweet, and just the way he portrays himself, if JoJo doesn’t pick him he needs to be next year’s Bachelor. They spent their date riding horses and skeet shooting.

The three-on-one was Chase, Robby, and James. This date was washed out before it began with a storm, so JoJo turned it into a daylong slumber party in the suite. She ordered food. James decided to see how many fries he could shove into his mouth. They played truth or dare. Robby decided to choose dare and he was found running down the hallway of the hotel in nothing but his underwear. Abs not so bad, but Robby is growing a little too arrogant for me. Plus, he’s been out of an almost four-year relationship for four months. He might be taking this a little too fast too soon. Chase just took the time he had to tell JoJo how he was feeling. By the end of the date thought, the rose was still up for grabs and JoJo chose Robby.

No cocktail party this week. They went straight to the rose ceremony with Chase and James feeling the worse for wear. But, after all was said and done, James took his leave of the group. The remaining guys will be heading back to their home towns with JoJo at their side.

Now, we get to see which families accepts JoJo and which ones push her to make some tough choices.

I’m excited! How about you?

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