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Will You Say Yes?

I have a year and a half until my wedding and I’m already being told what I’m supposed to do. I have family who refuse to come unless I change my date. I’ve been given ultimatums on my bridesmaids and wedding party. I’ve been told that I have too many girls that I want to stand beside me. It has been an interesting experience thus far.

But, I’m not here to complain about those who are trying to cause me issues. I’m here to talk about my girls.

From the moment my fiancé told me he wanted me to be his wife, I knew who I wanted to be there for the big day. For some having 12 girls around is a large number, but for me each one has been so important to me and I hope they honor me with their presence. By the time this posts, each girl will hopefully have received a box I put together asking them to be there. For months, I was searching Pinterest and other blogs to find some cute and clever way to ask and I think I came up with something good.

I took some key features I liked and put them all together.

One feature I thought was just fun was to include a ring pop. The pictures I saw had it sitting in a box and it was the main item. My gifts are little bit more than that.

Another feature I stole from a friend was to include a pair of earrings. I don’t mean the girls have to wear them for the wedding, but it added a little idea of a component of the wedding. In her case it was a tied knot. In mine, they’re snowflakes as we’re having a winter wedding.

The main piece in every girls box is a picture frame with a message asking them to be a part of the wedding party. I tried to find a picture of me with each girl on our own. Some of the girls I realized I was always the one behind the camera. Oops! So I found others that had great memories behind them and I hope the girls remember as well.

After the wedding, I’m going to send them a picture of us together; me in my wedding dress and them in their dress.

So for each girl who got a box, I hope you stand by me as I marry the man of my dreams! I love each one of you and I miss you so much!

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