October 29, 2017

You left.  

You left me.  You left the life we were beginning.  You left without a second thought.


What made it so easy to do?

Let's go back and see where it all changed.

We were vacationing on the island.  This was our first trip there, but it started off pretty good.

You and I got our tickets for the bus to take us to our hotel on the other side of the island.  We boarded and started on our journey.

Not 30 minutes into the tri...

March 1, 2017

The quiet is the worst.  That’s when her mind begins to race: lists, conversations, things she needs to do, what she wants to do, her past, her future, everything all at once.

She just it to stop.  She wants to know what it’s like to be carefree.  To not think and worry all the time.

If only, right?

It’s one o’clock in the morning and she still can’t sleep.  Another day of exhaustion awaits.  Who’ll criticize her this time;...

February 25, 2017

This is a story I wrote many years ago.  I never did finish it.


The sky erupted into a rainbow of colors.  The sun glistened off the wings of silver, golds, blue, greens, reds, and yellows.  They were working together, much like the rest of the world: humans and elves, dwarfs and gnomes, everyone.

The dragons and their riders were cleaning up the town of Kallasha.  They were carrying debris and rubble out into the fiel...

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